Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Such a happy family...

Even though I ordered them 8 months apart, both of my shiny bikes for 2009 showed up the same day.  After a frantic day of building bikes, swapping components, and tubeless fun, I got the bikes mostly up and running.

The Superfly SS is gorgeous, as expected. It needs a little more love, as I am still waiting on some centerlock rotor adaptors and a rear skewer.  I'm going to go for a 5 mm bolt-on rear skewer for hopefully a little more security in the dropouts than a quick release. With the adaptors and a standard quick release, the bike weighed in at 21.00 lb with pedals. Not too shabby, as the new frame dropped 1.5 lb from the Rig. This is pretty much final spec for it, it's more than light enough.

Also shiny is the new geared superfly.  The bling factor of this bike kind of caught me off guard. I mean, I expected it to be blingy, but it's kind of next level.  Maybe it's the white spokes that did it. Hmm... Should be equally as awesome as the 08 superfly, as it is the exact same save for a change in crank and wheels. I didn't bother with weighing it, as I've still got a few minor things to do to it. 

Now I just need to find a race where I'm actually going to use gears. Tsali maybe?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On the Way

Looks like the shiny Superfly SS framesets are now shipping. It should show up either Friday or Monday. Then I just have the fun of swapping over everything from the Rig. Not sure what it will be weight wise, I'm estimating it to be around 20.25 - 20.50. We'll see...

Does this mean I have to change my beer selection to better match my shiny 09 bikes?

Speaking of the Rig, it will be up for grabs after the switch... I'll be selling it as a bundle of the 17.5 Mocha frame, Fox F29 RL fork, Cane Creek S-6 ZS headset, Eccentric BB, seat collar, and 2 bottle cages. Give me a shout if you might be interested... Can be run as geared or singlespeed so it's quite the versatile frame.

Other than that, I've just been continuing to hone in on bikes/components for the season...  No major changes, pretty much just cosmetic upgrades which should hopefully be taken care of in the next week or two. Gotta look good, right?

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Barely Noticeable

The weather continues to randomly fluctuate. In a day and a half I've gone from riding in full summer wear to being coated in snow and barely being able to pull my frozen car door open. Saturday was pretty nice with temps around 45 and a good ride up at Norris with E, Caleb, Andy, and Abby. I somehow made it out there with only one armwarmer, so Abby stepped it up and I got to rock the cheetah armwarmers. I feel they only improved my catlike reflexes...

Sorry ladies, I'm taken...

For Sunday, we made the drive down to the Ocoee Whitewater center for some Tanasi fun. It started off sort of chilly, but within a few hours my pockets were completely stuffed with discarded layers and I was down to just summer wear. It was so nice to see my knees for the first time in months. The trails were mostly in great shape, with only brush creek being a sloppy mess. Riding down there reminds me why I love those trails so much... I can't wait for the Cohutta and the Black Bear this year!

E and Ed rocking the trails...

Monday brought back the winter, with a steady snowfall all day. Nothing stuck to the roads, but everyone freaks out and they close all the schools anyways. It's kinda nice to see snow though, since it only happens once a twice a year here.