Sunday, April 6, 2008

Eat a Sandwich

12 hour races are usually a great place for randomness. Back in the summer of 2006, I headed over to Charlotte, NC for the Cowbell Challenge 12 hour race. This was my third solo 12 hour, so I was just beginning to get the hang of racing for extended periods of time. I suppose I can tend to look a bit skinny at times, but I assure myself it’s barely noticeable. The 12 hour was going without too much excitement, it was just super hot, and the exposed clay climbs were excruciating under the burning sun. About 8 hours in, I passed another rider, and he immediately exclaimed, “Man, you’re skinny.” I thought it was kind of weird, but I gave him the “Thanks, I guess.” So there was a bit of pause, and then he says, “You’re really skinny… Are you hungry? You should eat a sandwich. I’ve got a sandwich my wife made me in my pocket. I’ll give it to you if you’ll eat it.” I declined, but found the randomness of the entire exchange pretty funny.

Do these pictures really make you want to feed me?

So I’m sure the question you’re now asking yourself is, “If I bring Dave a sandwich, will he eat it?” There’s only one way to find out… oh, and hold the onions.


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