Friday, May 16, 2008

Geared Up

I've made the decision to bring out the gears for the first time this season for the Tsali 12 Hour. This is actually going to be the first race ever on the Superfly, so thats kind of exciting, I suppose. Clicky Clicky. I imagine thats how it goes anyways. We'll see if I get halfway through the race and realize I've only used 2 or 3 gears.

What's this? A race without rain? That just doesn't seem right. I guess I'll have to get by on staying dry and riding high on the superfly...

Ooh, So much rhyming potential with 'fly'... But I won't be "that guy."


  1. elizabeth said...
    Is it common for 12 hour racers to race so frequently? Anyway, good luck, and hopefully the gears will bring you some good luck.
    Dave Holmes said...
    Not really. Most people have these crazy ideas of peaking and not burning out. May is just really stacked in the SE, then everything thins out until augustish. I just convince myself I have wolverine-like recovery.

    But after the 25th I'll be done with this block of a 100 miler, two 12 hours, and a 24 hour within 35 days.

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