Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Before the Rain

Well, before the three day long deluge, I got one nice road ride in while it was nearly 60 degrees out. The day started with perfect blue skys, and I rode with bare arms for the first time since... umm... well, I don't even remember.

Made it out to the Foothills Parkway, and got the lovely road closed sign. The road was actually still open, but was covered in an inch of slush. I climbed a couple of hundred feet up and decided that it wouldn't be fun going up or down.

As I was coming back, the perfect blue skys turned into a swiftly approaching wall of dark cloud... It almost looked like mountains. When I got back nearer to town it was definitely dark and forboding clouds, but I managed to avoid the rain... At least for one day...

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  1. ZaskarLE said...
    Of course you brought the rain yet again. More proof that global warming and monsoonal cycles are ultimately linked to DHolmes.

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