Sunday, August 16, 2009


A friend of ours found a little north knoxville gem last week at Whittle Springs middle school: A nicely paved and clean 1/8 mile track!

Road bikes and lycra were in full force for some great pursuit racing. We started on opposite sides, and raced until a catch was made, or we hit 10 min. We never quite got to 10 min, but did have a few 6 or 8 min races. It was a great interval workout for sure.

The track is so short that it is hard to consistently pedal. Since it is not banked, the corner sections were faster to coast through, as pedaling generally led to clipping a pedal on the inside. The best technique seemed to be to hammer as hard as possible on the straight and carry it through the corner.

We did several solo races, and then a team race. I think we'll have to switch directions next time though, as I doubt that 15 miles of left turns is good for my tires. hmm...

[It looks slow, but we were going through the corners at 23-24 mph.]


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