Thursday, October 1, 2009

Interbike: Bikes

Interbike coverage might as well start with some pretty pictures of cool bikes. First up, there were tons of shiny pro bikes on display:

Alberto Contador's Paris Madone 6 Series

Mark Cavendish's Scott Addict

Thor Hushovds Cervelo S2
[Still using Dura-Ace 7800]

Fabian Cancellara's Specialized Tarmac

I really didn't take alot of pictures of just stock bikes from random vendors, but snapped a few pics of things that were neat/cool/different.

This was a random super lightweight mountain bike that had been rigged up with a modified version of shimano's electronic drivetrain. Crazy light, not sure if it is really rideable though... Carbon fiber rotors? Carbon fiber chainrings? Definitely different though... The same people also had a 9 lb fully functional road bike as well.

Cool name for a track bike...

And I saved the best for last. The Trek District Carbon. This guy is basically a 5 Series Madone with a singlespeed belt drive, and some slick pivoting dropouts. I was super excited to see one of these in person since I didn't go to Trek World. Looks like the sweetest singlespeed commuter ever. Although at $3360 retail, this might not replace my $500 Soho S anytime soon... That and the whole impracticality of carrying anything on it. But who cares, it's a carbon bike with a belt drive!


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