Wednesday, February 13, 2008


With the Superfly most likely being a pile of carbon dust at the moment, I've got to decide what I'll be doing for my first couple of races. My season is really stacked in late April and May, and then calms down. So worst case scenario, I'll be going two 12 hours, a 24 hour, and a 100 miler without the Superfly. Hmm... That didn't sound like much in my head before I typed it, but that looks like a good 56 hours or so of racing.

Since the Fontana weekend, I've been debating the whole singlespeed thing. It was fun to play around on for sure, but painful enough to make me question what would happen over long distances. The challenge definitely intrigues me though. One of my goals for this season is to branch out some from what I've been racing the last two years. I won't say that pedaling a full-suspension couch in circles hasn't lost a bit of its luster. Eat this, drink that, ride a lap, repeat. Maybe throwing a "complain about gearing" and a "walk a bunch of climbs" in there would be a start.

And it turns out that cross racing is better on a cross bike than a full suspension mountain bike...who knew?

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  1. Derek said...
    What are you gonna do without such a wonderful routine? You should branch out and race on a tricycle.

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