Monday, February 25, 2008

Hot Off the Press

Apparently Mountain Bike Action wanted a rock star to truly show off their 26er/29er gear comparison article in the April issue, but they settled for digging this up instead:

Who knows where they got it from, but the pic was taken at the 2006 24 hour "world championships" in Conyers. Pretty cool to get some magazine facetime, even if there was not so much a name in the caption. At least I'm the guy in front and not the guy struggling behind. The article itself is a bit lame. Seems like they wasted alot of time trying to measure something that could be calculated in Excel in about 30 seconds.

And I'm not sure how they found my secret, but I guess it's out now. "By knowing my gearing, I'm able to finish off my competition by the top of a long climb." Now everybody is going to be expecting it...Damnit...


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