Friday, August 8, 2008

All Aboard...

Racing returns this weekend with the Night Train 12 Hour race in Fontana NC, presented by none other than Infinit Nutrition. I'm not expecting an easy day, as last year's course had 1200 ft of climbing every 5.5 miles.

I did this race last year, and ended up in third, so we'll try to improve on that. This guy with the tree trunk legs actually won it. I still haven't figured out how that happened with all the climbing, but who knows... The funniest part of last year's race was definitely the start. Jeremy Hargroves got a little bit of a false start on the lemans run, and had a 10 or 15 ft gap when they actually started the race. We were supposed to run around the yellow tent, but no one could see the smaller blue tent behind. Jeremy turned the corner and got smacked down by karma for the head start and went down tangled in a tent line. I was quite entertained.

I've got the classic "run with one hand on the pockets" going on to keep my stuff in them.

The rest of the race went pretty smoothly. I started out in a hole, but ended the last lap only 4 minutes off the leader. I made the cutoff, but didn't go out for an additional one, as I figured bringing back 4 minutes in 5 miles probably wouldn't happen. But I'm excited about this year as the big wheels are going to be a huge advantage in the rocky mess that is Fontana. And after a month of not racing, I definitely feel rested and ready to roll. Should be good times...


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