Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Mad One

My shiny should be here and all built up by the end of the week. It is based off of the new and improved Project One. P1 is Trek's custom paint division, and for 2009 they've stepped up with some great new features. The big things are custom component choices and stock colors. Custom component choices lets you upgrade/downgrade the parts that come with the bike and make sure you get the right sizes. This makes it so you can apply the price of the items you don't want to upgrade individual components, and also makes sure you get the sizes you need so you don't end up with extra stems or bars that you can't use. For each madone model, P1 also offers 4 stock colors that you can order up at no additional cost if you want something a little different without having to spring for a fully custom paintjob.

And the greatest thing is that stock colors and component size changes come at NO ADDITIONAL COST. There is really no reason not to go the P1 route to make sure you get exactly what you want from the bike.

So for my madone, I went with the Red series framest, and chose a stock color (From the 6.9 Pro) since I'm a huge fan of the blue and turquoise. The custom options are nice, but I couldn't justify the extra cost since the stock one was so close to what I wanted. Components are going to be full Sram Red, with aluminum RXL wheels, white RXL stem, and RXXXL bars. I also managed to snag some porn star brakes for stopping duties. Speedplay pedals will finish it off (in white, of course...)

Should be shiny... Too bad it's going to rain all weekend...


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