Tuesday, March 31, 2009

The Shiniest

I couldn't be more excited to finally replace the Bianchi with a shiny new Trek Madone...

With all the goods it came out to 14.75 lb. I was pretty shocked it was that low, I was expecting closer to 15.25 (but I won't complain) 

I've only managed to get around 80 miles on it so far, but it is definitely a nice ride. I still need to dial in the fit a bit, but it is pretty close. The big things that are noticeable so far are the smoothness and stability of the bike. It really seems to soak up the road buzz alot more than the bianchi, and feels super stable on descents and fast corners. The Sram Red shifters feel great on the hands, and getting used to the doubletap takes no time at all. 

"Rollen and Dinkin Around"

Two more routes down for BKKBR, I'm slowly getting there... The North Knoxville House Mountain loop was very cool, with lots of rollers and twisty sections. I've done this loop once before, but thats been my only North Knoxville experience so far.  I'm kind of excited to get out and do some more in that area though.

"Circle Around House Mountain"


  1. elizabeth said...
    shiny bike fall on floor. blame the kitty.
    Dave Holmes said...
    In my defense, she is evil:


    At least the bike survived her cruelty unscathed...

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