Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ride Time

With 75 degree temps and rain coming the next 4 days, I couldn't pass up a chance to get out on some perfectly dry and dusty singletrack at Haw Ridge. I've also been needing another chance to get out on the SSFly and test that bolt-on skewer again. Unfortunately, the skewer slipped twice during the 4 hour ride, so I'm gonna have to man up and get the DT Swiss RWS skewer. Other than that, the ride was great, and I can't wait to start doing some longer races on this bike.

"Taking the Long Branch"

Road rides continued as well, with another BKKBR. This one is out in East Knoxville past Ijams nature park. Another good route with nice rollers and some fun descents. Total mileage was around 55ish. Long branch road is quite fun, I'll have to hit it again sometime. Normally when I am out this way I go Happy Creek, which is another fun road... Decisions...

I also managed to find a super steep driveway off the route I decided to climb for whatever reason. Nice little interval, but coming down was no fun. It was straight down rough bumpy concrete into 6 inch deep gravel. I'm pretty sure I was slower going down than up. First ride in the new 29er Crew kits as well. Fit is good and quality seems nice so far.


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