Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Force divided by Mass

School, work, and riding have all been in acceleration mode the past week. Great timing since the weather is finally improving. This will probably mean a lot more riding in the dark, sleep deprivation, and eating at really odd hours of the day.

Getting it done in the dark

If nothing else, the past week’s riding had variety. I got quality time in on the road and off, along with a few healthy doses of epic commuting. I’ve been rocking the Soho a lot at night lately, as it’s much more entertaining than taking the road bike to the boulevard. The weather saw me go from sweating in full on summer gear all the way back to thawing my shins and toes after every ride. Rainy, snowy, and windy conditions made for some interesting days as well. Maybe I’ll just tell myself all the random weather and darkness are good mental training.

Greenway Hazards

Every now and then something slips… I realized I had forgotten about the Cohutta 100 registration, and it is now full. I’ll have to give it a few weeks of begging, and then I guess I’m stuck in the 65 as a last resort. At least this makes me motivated to finally register immediately for SSUSA and DSG…tomorrow.

Wasting Time:
Google of the Day: “MySpace Angle


  1. elizabeth said...
    Ooooo - showin' a little leg, eh?

    White bar tape and no gloves, you are a brave man.
    Dave Holmes said...
    Gotta give the people what they want, you know how it goes...

    And there was really no choice on the bar tape. Black is for the domestiques. And gloves of course are for people who wreck. Although the lack of gloves could explain why my hand is purple...
    Derek said...
    How do you always manage to find a cameraman when you are training? He always catches you with a very serious pose!

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