Monday, March 3, 2008

Sunday Spin

For the past 2 years, I've been hearing from multiple people that the Mt Larry/Oliver Springs ride is one of the best road rides around Knoxville, but I've never made it out to give it a shot. With the weather looking to be sunny and almost 70, Jeremy and I figured it would be as good a day as any for it.

How bout that Sunny and 70?

Overall the ride lived up to the hype with some nice roads, good steady climbs, great views, and fun descents. I'll def have to check this route out again later on in the spring. The start of the ride looked a little ominous with dark clouds and light winds, but it cleared up after an hour or so. Climbs were a nice and steady grade, so it was pretty easy to find a comfortable gear and spin it up. Not too much random excitement on the day to speak of though, so I'll just throw some pictures up and act like that counts as blogging.

Abby and Jeremy like to make faces


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