Thursday, March 20, 2008


The superfly is all built up and ready to roll... I can't wait for Saturday to come around so I can get out and get her muddy. I've got to run back to Morristown on Sunday, so that will give me a chance to hit up Panther Creek and take some pictures to update the Disc Burner site, which has been sort of neglected.

My money is in for Dirt Sweat and Gears and SingleSpeed USA. DSG was probably my favorite 12 hour I did last year, it just has such a great overall vibe to it. Great organization, breakfast, a tough course, the best competition, dinner, beer, and the almighty schwag raffle/toss-up. Watching people risk breaking their face trying to catch a chain or a box of CO2s that have been flung 20 ft in the air was quite entertaining. Maybe they'll throw cassettes and chainrings this year. If you do only one 12 hour this year, this is the one to do.

As for SSUSA, I really have no clue what it will be. According to the site, I'll be riding my bike for "more than 1 hour but less than 46000." Beyond that, I've heard rumors of whiskey, beer, and a "mule named Merle" being involved. Eh, what the hell else am I going to do the day before the 12 hour? At least my entertainment is nearly guaranteed. I can't wait to see what random SS prize they come up with. Can they match the world championship golden speedo from the SS cyclocross worlds?

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  1. ZaskarLE said...
    Damn those are some g-hood lookin' pedals against that black carbon!

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